Beyond pairwise comparisons in social choice: A setwise Kemeny aggregation problem.

Hugo Gilbert, Tom Portoleau, Olivier Spanjaard
Theoretical Computer Science 2022

Abstract : In this paper, we advocate the use of setwise contests for aggregating a set of input rankings into an output ranking. We propose a generalization of the Kemeny rule where one minimizes the number of k-wise disagreements instead of pairwise disagreements (one counts 1 disagreement each time the top choice in a subset of alternatives of cardinality at most k differs between an input ranking and the output ranking). After an algorithmic study of this k-wise Kemeny aggregation problem, we introduce a k-wise counterpart of the majority graph. This graph reveals useful to divide the aggregation problem into several sub-problems, which enables to speed up the exact computation of a consensus ranking. By introducing a k-wise counterpart of the Spearman distance, we also provide a 2-approximation algorithm for the k-wise Kemeny aggregation problem. We conclude with numerical tests.